New classification standard for the CS Group

Dear Members,
The last round of our negotiations included, amongst other things, an extension to Dec 2019 to implement a new classification standard for the CS Group. This is noted in Appendix F of our current collective agreement:
Treasury Board is currently working with departments to develop new work descriptions that will correspond to the new standard.
The TB classification section will continue to meet with the CS group and Institute staff to discuss new information and update further progress. We will continue to review all this information, providing feedback and constructive criticism in consultation with a core group of our stewards.
Any changes to our classification standard will require amendments to the CS Group Bargaining certificate. Despite rumours at various departments, the work continues and there are no definite timelines set for implementation. We will keep you apprised of any developments as they occur to the best of our ability.
Karim Chaggani CS Classification Officer
CS Group Executive

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