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The following CS Group videos send a strong message about contracting out.  The English and French videos are geared to informing the public and our government while the bilingual video brings the awareness to our members.


Feel free to share these videos on social media, present at consultations meetings, AGM's,  and/or show directly to your MP, family and friends.  The more these videos are viewed the greater strength we have in making a difference.   The CS Group executive will explore other areas of utilizing these videos to get the message out.  Let us know on Facebook where, when and how you have shared these videos.

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CS Bargaining Update #24

January 13th, 2017

To all Proud CScs

The CS Bargaining Team met with Treasury Board from January 12th to 13th.  The Team came to the table with the will to continue to negotiate the best possible deal for the Group.

TB came to us with a comprehensive offer similar to the one received in December with the addition of the same pay proposal that had been presented at the PSAC PA table.

While receiving Treasury Board’s offer we were told that the CS Group was “healthy” because their data reports no recruitment or retention issues.  They emphasized that, as a result, their pay offer was fair.   The offer we were presented contains some of the lowest economic increases presented to our members in this round. We don’t understand why it is necessary for the CS Group to be in critical condition before we can expect an acceptable increase.

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CS Bargaining Update #23

The CS Bargaining Team met again with Treasury Board from December 6th to 8th.

The CS Group returned to the table with the intention of getting into a tentative agreement knowing we still have many questions not yet addressed from the beginning of this round.

The first two days were spent on improving the language of article 23, Technological Change. Also, the Employer tabled a comprehensive offer with the intention of getting a tentative agreement as soon as possible.

As reported in the CS Bytes 22, Technological Change is closely tied to Outsourcing. It was important for the Team to modernize its definition knowing that an excuse for outsourcing CS Group functions is the result of the depletion of our skill set due to the speed of evolution in IT technology. On Wednesday afternoon, we came to an agreement on new language that includes what we consider to be essential.

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