Newsletter - Bargaining officer's message - September 2012

Fellow members,bargofficer

As you are aware, the CS Group Bargaining team reached a tentative agreement with Treasury Board on June 6th. The details are available in the CS Bargaining Update #27 available on the CS Group web site.

The Group is currently preparing a ratification kit. It will be ready shortly and subsequently submitted for translation.

The CS ratification vote will be conducted electronically at the beginning of October. All members in good standing will receive by email or regular mail the voting instructions and a voting code.

Meanwhile, the CS Group is organizing information sessions across Canada to explain the tentative agreement and answer your questions. The locations and times are posted on the CS Group web site (under calendar).

In solidarity,

Guy Abel
Bargaining Officer

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CS Group Newsletter - Sept. 2012

newslettersept2012bThe new CS Group newsletter is now available. It contain ;
- President's message,
- Bargaining officer's message,
- Who we are,
- The GTEC.
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Newsletter - Vice-President's message - January 2012


s.budayI was reminded as I sat down to write, of the message that we have heard over the past 13 years that I have been involved with our Group. It is a message that has been emphasized of late and resonates even more in these unequivocally, uncertain times.

We have heard it from our leadership at the annual general meetings of our Groups, Sub-groups, Branches, and at our Regional and Steward Councils. I have put it in words in previous newsletters and it has been given by every member of your National Executive, Sub-group Executive, National and Regional Organizing Committees and every active Steward in the country. Finally, it was the basis of the decision made at our National Annual General Meeting to join the Canadian Labour Congress.

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Newsletter - President's message - January 2012

Dear colleagues,l.carriere
I hope that the holidays brought you a lot of happiness and gave you time to take a well-deserved break.

Here we are in the dawn of a new year and, without wanting to appear alarmist, there will be many changes in the public service and our community. Unfortunately, I’m not talking about positive changes. The Harper regime is determined to impose its ideology to the detriment of the Canadian people. Furthermore, we arrive at the final turn of a difficult round of negotiations that has produced nothing concrete after more than a year at the table. It’s really distressing to see that the Treasury Board isn’t more open to principled negotiation instead of standing by unrealistic positions. As for us, the demands we put on the table represent solutions to our group’s problems and future issues such as career development, a new classification standard and technological changes, to name only a few. But

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