2013-10-10 CS Exec meeting - Portfolios assignments

On October 10, the national CS Group executive had a small meeting.

In last August we held an election for 6 positions on the nationalCS Group executive. New members have joined us, so we had to review thedistribution of our various portfolios. They are now as follow;


President of the CS Group

Stan Buday

Vice-President of the CS Group

Pierre Touchette

National Treasurer of the CS Group

Debbie Butler

National Secretary of the CS Group

Stéphane Aubry

Bargaining Officer

Robert Tellier

National organization committee chair NOC

Stéphane Aubry

Bylaw Officer

Pierre Touchette

Communication Officer

Marc Sabourin

Membership Officer

Stacy McLaren

Sub-Group Officer

Rob Scott

Atlantic region Sub-Group officer

Lucile Shears

Québec region Sub-Group officer

Marc Sabourin

Ontario region Sub-Group officer

Debbie Butler

NCR Sub-Group officer

Stacy McLaren

Prairies region Sub-Group officer

Rob Scott

Pacific region Sub-Group officer

Deborah Wainwright

Classification Officer

Guy Abel

Steward Officer

Lucille Shears

Labour Relations Officer

Eva Henshaw

Special Events Coordinator

Deborah Wainwright

Political action committee chair

Debbie Butler

Consultation Officer

Deborah Wainwright


Denise Doherty-Delorme


Take note that the first 4 positions are what we call the steeringcommittee of the CS group.



(Stéphane Aubry, Secretary

2013-08-22 CS Executive Meeting

Minutes of the CS Group Executive regular meeting, Thursday, August 22-23, 2013, at the Hilton Lac Leamy, Gatineau


Stan Buday, Guy Abel, Ron Hugh, Stéphane Aubry, Pierre Touchette, Robert Tellier, Debbie Butler, Lucille Shears, Marc Sabourin, Deborah Wainwright, Marcel Journeay, Dean Corda

In attendance:



Darell Green

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