CS Group Executive Strategic Planning and Executive Appointment

Your CS Group National Executive will be meeting on August 29th to plan our strategy, going forward for the remainder of this year and into 2016, in support of bargaining, election preparation and our continuing anti-privatization campaign. We have been soliciting input from our members, stewards, Sub-groups and National Organizing Committee to help us plan for the future.

Details of our upcoming strategy will be announced following approval of resourcing for our activities and our campaign to combat contracting out.


Thank you to those who completed our contracting out survey and to those who have indicated your willingness to help further our fight to keep CS work in CS hands. You will be contacted shortly to confirm your participation in our next steps on this critical issue.

We are also pleased to announce that Dean Corda has been appointed to the national executive to fill the position vacated by Pierre Touchette after his success in election to the position of Group Vice-president.

Dean brings his invaluable experience as past member of the Group executive and current member of the CS Group Bargaining Team.

Welcome back Dean!

Stan Buday




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