2014-01-25 CS Executive Meeting

Minutes of the CS Group Executive regular meeting, Saturday, January 25, 2014, Delta Ottawa


Stan Buday, Ron Hugh, Rob Scott, Stéphane Aubry, Robert Tellier, Lucille Shears, Debbie Butler, Eva Henshaw, Marc Sabourin, Pierre Touchette, Stacy McLaren, Guy Abel

In attendance:

Denise Doherty-Delorme, Lyne Morin, Glen Maxwell


Deborah Wainwright

The president called the meeting to order at 9:05a.m.

1. Opening

a. The president opened up the meeting.

2. Agenda

a. M/S: R.Tellier/S.McLaren

That the agenda be approved as modified, Carried


3. Review and Approval of Previous Minutes

a. Minutes of the CS Exec, December 13, 2013

M/S: R.Tellier/S.McLaren

Motion to accept the minutes. Carried.

b. To create an action items list. To follow-up on translation and publishing of the minutes to the web sites.


4. Review of the Officer Reports.

a. S.Buday reported on his activities of the past month. He spoke a couple of times with D.Daviau about PIPSC portfolio distribution. Sub-Group AGM season will start again, discussion on coordinating representation by the CS Exec.

As he described the Bargaining conference, he explained the content of the agreement signed between the Group Presidents, on working better together for the coming round of bargaining. 

b. P.Touchette made a short report. He met with the members of the Ottawa West  Sub-Group, and confirmed that they received allocation money matching the size of their sub-group. Other sub-groups in the Ottawa area are following the process to be established.

c. D.Butler spoke about our finances and the closing of the 2013 fiscal year. Our cell phone plan will be changed on February 1st. 

- M/S: D.Butler/P.Touchette

Motion to agree to upgrade some cell phone that are getting worn out. Depending on the phone selected, it may cost up to $60 per phone. carried

d. S.Aubry raised the issue about the minutes of the CS 2013 AGM. The recording has been recovered and we will be able to complete the writing of the minutes. Possibly to be submitted to this exec by next meeting.

- M/S: R.Tellier/P.Touchette

To allow the secretary to make the minutes and listen to a full day of meeting, to take a day with salary replacement. Carried.

- M/S: R.Tellier/

To prevent that such event happen again, motion to ask PIPSC to provide administrative support to take our minutes at our next year AGM, help in resolving last minutes issues, and allow the secretary to participate actively as a member of the exec.

e. For the NOC-ROC, now that the bargaining conference is mostly done, and our discussion we had, S.Aubry will organize teleconferences with the NOC members. After our NOC steering meeting in early February.

f. On Bargaining and Negotiations, more discussions were made about the exchanges made at the recent Bargaining Conference. Concerns were raised on how to work together with all the groups, raise involvement and mobilisation with the members.

g. On Political action committee, D.Butler is building a DataBase of members of parliament in Ontario, with all riding held by the Conservatives, to identify the swing ridings and aim our lobbying efforts.

h. Over 250 Stewards where in the process of renewing their stewardship. Some did quickly replied, but L.Shear is doing a follow up on the members that did not confirm their intention to renew.

i. R.Scott sent a msg to all Sub-Group president to book in their calendar the date for the Sub-Group president meeting in late February.

j. S.McLaren is looking into some items to use as visibility and promotional. She got is down to 3 items, and is looking with PIPSC on the process for procurement.

k. E.Henshaw made her report on her activities. She got a report from PIPSC identifying all the grievances made. She will extract the issues that stand out, and dig deeper into them for issues that could be related to our collective agreement.

l. SSC

- G.Able reported on SSC activities. They are looking to establish WOSH committees where they have more than 19 employees.

- G.Maxwell brought the point that SSC members still have issue accessing some work site, based on security concern of the host department.

- They are considering making changes in their structure, changing portfolio into a side structure. To follow.

- There is still no consultation at the regional level.

- SSC is reviewing and looking to establish new work descriptions. We have concern about equivalency that some members had, especially in the case of former military personnel, transferred with specialized/professional training that may not meet new/hard education requirements.


5. We went thru the review of the renewal of stewards. 

a. We did discuss a specific case in closed session, and made our recommendations.


6. Google drive structures; R.Tellier brought the point about ownership of the folders, with the changes of executives. The secretary will take ownership of all folders and review current access.


7. Sub-Group president meeting

a. There is still issues about the PIPSC policy that kind of prevent the happening of this meeting. It is currently been resolved with PIPSC. News to come soon.


8. Revision of the CS Group classification standard

a. A couple of representative from the CS Group exec met with L.Morin, to review the study. Comments have been captured and was presented to TB. TB were looking for simple elements than what was presented in our reply.

L.Morin consider that TB recognize the issues, and will actually be working on it. It might even go fast, and be possible to have to bargain for new pay scale in the coming round.


9. The one minute video contest (PIPSC & CLC)

a. R.Hugh propose that the Group create videos to inform and educate members. Since all the exec is present, we could brainstorm and make something quick. No formal decision made at this point.


10. Bargaining

a. We reviewed the calendar of coming meetings, including those for working on the Bargaining demands and proposal.

b. We reviewed the selection of members for the proposal meeting. We selected 16 members amongst the 30+ that applied.

c. We also selected the members that need to receive the training to be on the Bargaining team.


11. G.Maxwell joined us. 

a. He presented us some information about contracting out. CS application development section in DND are getting bundled together, to be considered by DND for contracting out. His consultation team is working on making a counter offer as a business plan, to demonstrate that PS is cheaper than contracting work out.

b. He also raised the point that currently, as per our collective agreements, we don’t have a Joint Institute/Treasury Board Career Development Committee (18.07). Consultation might become an issue in the future, with some rumour that goes around.

c. Liberation time is not ‘standardized’ amongst teams in each departments. Concerns with all our groups getting together, on if we should negotiate a harmonization of the liberation time for involved stewards.

d. R.Tellier & D.D.D will verify the legal obligation of the employer on consultation in regard to liberation. To be brought forward to the proposal committee.


12. ByLaws amendments have been submitted to the BLPC. The CS Exec have seen the changes as approved on the last 2 CS AGM.


13. Within ESDC (HRSDC), there is an issue about contracting out. For specific equipment’s that require occasional updates, ESDC decided to contract out the work when the workstations where more than 100km away from support sites. They claimed that ‘unions’ agreed to that, which is not true.


14. Next meetings dates and activities

a. Feb 4th, Ottawa, CS NOC steering meeting

b. Feb 28 Toronto, CS Group exec meeting

c. Mar 1, Toronto, CS SubGroup Prez meeting

d. Apr 1-3, Quebec, PIPSC Bargaining training

e. Apr 14, Ottawa, CS Group exec meeting

f. Apr 15-16, Ottawa, CS proposal committee

g. May 13-14, Ottawa, CS Bargaining #1 + CS Exec

h. Jun 14, Mtl or Tor ?, CS Group AGM

i. Jul 10-11, ??, CS Bargaining #2

j. Aug ?, ??, CS Exec Strategic Retreat


15. Adjournment

- M/S: R.Hugh


Motion to adjourn at 17:30 P.M. Carried

Minutes as recorded by Stéphane Aubry, CS Group Secretary

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