2013-12-13 CS Executive Meeting

Minutes of the CS Group Executive regular meeting, Friday, December 13, 2013, Delta Ottawa


Stan Buday, Ron Hugh, Rob Scott, Stéphane Aubry, Deborah Wainwright, Robert Tellier, Lucille Shears, Debbie Butler, Eva Henshaw, Marc Sabourin, Pierre Touchette, Stacy McLaren

In attendance:

Denise Doherty-Delorme, lyne Morin


Guy Abel

The president called the meeting to order at 9:15a.m.

1. Opening

a. The president opened up the meeting.


2. Agenda

a. M/S: R.Tellier/D.Wainright

That the agenda be approved as modified, Carried


3. Review and Approval of Previous Minutes

a. Minutes of the CS Exec, November 7, 2013

M/S: D.Wainright/S.McLaren

Motion to accept the minutes. Carried.


4. Review of the Officer Reports.

a. S.Buday reported on his activities of the past month. He attended multiple Sub-Group president meetings.

b. P.Touchette made his report. Sub-Group Portage changes has send and will be review by the BLPC Saturday. The reorganization of Ottawa Sub-Groups is still ongoing. CBSA Ottawa sub-group will need to be renamed so the new sub-group could keep their financial allocation.

At SSC, they are currently reopening all personal files, to review security clearances and other requirements. A) They decided to do further investigation than what the employee’s previous departments made, and look into financial situation of members. B) Some members may not meet the educational requirements, as some private/commercial IT training may not be recognize as 2 years post-secondary education. Members might be terminated or reclassified to a lower level. C) We consider the process they made for some employees to be offensive. We will look into this.

c. S.McLaren, to look into the recognition of post-secondary education

d. D.Butler spoke about our finances. 

- M/S: D.Butler/P.Touchette

We recognized that over the year we overspend on some line items in the budget, specifically for software-hardware, president’s expenses, and less on promotional items. That we review the budget for some line items to better reflect the reality. Carried.

- As in any new election year, we review and approve motions that impact the members of the executive;

- M/S: D.Butler /R.Tellier 

Motion to pay up to $xx.00 per month for personal cell phones/PDA usage. Claims and payments to be made in 2 portions, from CS AGM to end of calendar year, and from January to the CS AGM. Carried

- M/S: D.Butler/R.Scott

Motion that the CS Group provide to the members of the executive, on approval of the CS Group executive, a cell phone or a PDA with service, instead of the reimbursement of the personal cell phone/PDA service. carried

- M/S: D.Butler/S.Buday

Motion to pay up to $xx.00 per month for home Internet connection costs. Claims and payments to be made in 2 portions, from CS AGM to end of calendar year, and from January to the CS AGM. carried

- M/S: D.Butler/S.Buday

Motion to pay up to $xx.00 each year of the term of office to offset hardware, software, computer, office equipment, repairs of personal equipment, upon receipts. Carried

- M/S: D.Butler/D.Wainwright

Motion for a hospitality budget of $xx.00 each year of the term of office, for executive members who do not have a specific hospitality budget (ie: the president and the vice-president). carried

- M/S: D.Butler/L.Shears

Motion that the group reimburse members who request for the Airport Lounge, when they are in a situation of having to stay a long period of time at the airport. carried

e. S.Aubry made his secretary report, and presented 2 decisions the steering made. For NOC/ROC, a couple of lunch&learn were made in the last weeks. Members commented and made the following recommendation; “L&L could contain less topics, but have it more interactive, more discussions, maybe in the form of debate.”

We should review the formula of our L&L.

f. R.Scott made his report about Sub-Groups. He is working on a communication plan to reach all Sub-Groups thru regional officers.

g. S.McLaren spoke about her membership portfolio. We also discussed about possible visibility items for stewards and for members, and to support our campaigns. Suggestions were made, to be investigated.

h. E.Henshaw made her report on her activities. She is planning to attend both the Working Group on Consultation and the Advisory council, in February.

i. M.Sabourin reminded the members of the executive to propose articles for the CS Newsletter. As a tentative deadline, before xmas (early January) to be translated and sent by end of January.


5. We went thru the review of the renewal of stewards. Over 17 CS’s didn’t send their application form, so we will need to contact them to validate their intentions.


6. PIPSC Group & Sub-Group policy. A change was made on the logistic around Sub-Group president meetings. The policy now stated that we should do our Sub-Group president meetings alongside our Group AGM. We discussed how we should behave around that new policy.


7. Sub-Group president meeting

a. M/S: P.Touchette/D.Butler

That the CS Sub-Group president meeting be held in Toronto, in February, if hotels permit. As a fall back option, in Ottawa and then in Montreal. Carried

b. An agenda will have to be setup for this meeting


8. Revision of the CS Group classification

a. L.Morin presented a sitrep on the work started with Treasury Board. Currently TB is still finalising another revision, so work with the employer will only start in January-February. The first step will be to define the group definitions, and then some consultation will be made to make sure of the direction. And then after define the criteria for evaluation of levels.

b. A revamp of the 2011 PIPSC proposition will have to be made around January 9-10. A small team need to be appointed by the CS group to work with L.Morin on that.

c. The CS Group recommend the following names ;

Guy Abel, Robert Tellier, Pierre Touchette, Alfred Gagné, Al Dunbar, Peter Jozsa, and Luc Hamilton as an alternate.

d. Looking at all the work and delays, the reviewing of our classification will probably take years, and may not be implemented before 2018.


9. DPI and the Professional Development Week (PDW), May 21, 22 and 23, 2014

a. Les fonctionnaires / professionnel de la fonction publique, au service des canadiens.


10. Bargaining

a. We have selected 6 members to be part of the Bargaining proposal committee.

b. We have to work on the questions for a new survey to all CS members. D.D-D will share the previous survey & results, for us to review.


11. Classification

To invite Laurie Wichers-Schreur (classification) to talk about the situation of the future CS classification, and members not meeting minimal education level. Verify if other groups may have the same issue (with D.Daviau).


12. Next meetings dates and activities

a. Jan 23-24, Ottawa, PIPSC Bargaining conference

b. Jan 25, Ottawa, CS Group exec

c. Feb 21, Toronto?, CS Group exec meeting

d. Feb 22, Toronto?, CS SubGroup Prez meeting

e. March 31-April 1st, Contract Proposal meeting, with survey results

f. Jun 14, Mtl or Tor ?, CS Group AGM


13. Adjournment

- M/S: R.Tellier


Motion to adjourn at 17:00 P.M. Carried

Minutes as recorded by Stéphane Aubry, CS Group Secretary
(Amounts have been removed)

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