2013-11-07 CS Executive Meeting

Minutes of the CS Group Executive regular meeting, Thursday, November 11, 2013, Delta Ottawa


Stan Buday, Pierre Touchette, Guy Abel, Ron Hugh, Rob Scott, Stéphane Aubry, Deborah Wainwright, Robert Tellier, Lucille Shears, Debbie Butler, Eva Henshaw, Marc Sabourin

In attendance:

Denise Doherty-Delorme, Will Morton


Stacy McLaren

The president called the meeting to order at 9:15a.m.


1. Opening

a. The president opened up the meeting.


2. Agenda

a. M/S: S.Aubry/P.Touchette

That the agenda be approved as modified, Carried


3. Review and Approval of Previous Minutes

a. Minutes of the CS Exec, August 22-23

M/S: E.Hanshaw/D.Butler

Motion to accept the minutes. Carried.

b. It was pointed out that past minutes have not been posted on PIPSC website. Also the list of officers of the national executive contain some errors on PIPSC web site. The secretary will see to it.


4. Review of the Officer Reports.

a. The reports that were shared electronically on Google Drive, were presented and accepted.

b. Issues were raised about the activities happening at SSC by the department. We still consider that we need more exchanges with the consultation team at SSC.


5. Bargaining/Negotiations

a. R.Tellier and D.Doherty-Delorme described the impact of the Speech of the Trone & bill C4, based on information obtained at meeting on Nov 6 with other groups from PIPSC.

b. The proposed changes to the Public Sector Labour Relation Act (PSLRA) might limit our capacity to select the bargaining path, based on the essential services limitations.

c. Motion: To add half a day at our next meeting in December, to discuss bargaining, mobilization, and the impact of the possible change of legislation. Add December 12 afternoon. Carried.

We will invite Luc Carrière and Michael Urbinsky.


6. Miscellaneous / New business


- To specifically represent the CS Group at the AGM, we will have 45 delegates and 1 observer. We had multiple cancellations, so we moved observers to the state of delegates.

- Motion: That the CS group try to sit down in the right-back section of the floor of the AGM. Carried


- As we did in the past, we will be providing some hospitality at our Thursday evening meeting. We will also have a get together of CS delegates after the AGM.

- We took the time to go thru all the motions presented at the AGM. The CS Group Executive established our position in regards to the motions. To be presented to CS delegates in the evening.

b. SubGroups

- Regina sub-group existed in the past, but was dismantled. Recently new CS delegates came forward to restart a sub-group in that area.

- There are still some issues regarding the division of the Ottawa region and the Gatineau region, in multiple sub-groups. Bylaws sent to the BLPC didn’t match resolutions that were made. Also Ottawa south still need to be established.

- Regional sub-groups officers should maintain regular communications with sub-groups in their regions. It would provide a way to share or discuss issues, and report back at the national level.

- A draft presentation was developed to share information with subgroups. The delivery would be better if done in face to face, but online solutions also exist (Cisco WebEx purchased by PIPSC, or even Google HangOut free)

c. Allocation

- The CS group put aside of our regular budget, money to allow specific activities to be held. Lunch & learns and site visit could be organized with members to support current PIPSC Campaign and educate members about bargaining and proposed legislation changes.

- We need to start using this side budget to interact with our members.

d. Political actions

- Discussions are happening to form a committee in PIPSC on that topic. At our next meeting we should invite Luc Carrière, PIPSC mobilizer, to coordinate our efforts.


7. Round table

a. D.Wainright at consultation raised the point about training on the Performance Evaluation directive. She recommends that all delegates involved in consultation should get the manager training.

b. R.Scott noted that documents on the shared drive need to be cleaned/reorganized. It is recommended that the Secretary & Comm officer look into that.

c. In closed session, we discussed an official complaint about harassment. The complaint will be passed along to the PIPSC Office of the President for process.


8. Next meetings dates and activities

a. Nov 8–9, Ottawa, PIPSC AGM

b. Dec 12-13, Ottawa, CS Exec

c. Jan 23, Ottawa, PIPSC Bargaining conference

d. Feb 20, Niagara?, CS SubGroup Prez meeting

e. Feb 21, Niagara?, Bargaining Conference

f. Jun 14, Mtl or Tor ?, CS Group AGM


9. Adjournment

- M: R.Scott

Motion to adjourn at 17:00 P.M. Carried


Minutes as recorded by Stéphane Aubry, CS Group Secretary

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