2013-08-22 CS Executive Meeting

Minutes of the CS Group Executive regular meeting, Thursday, August 22-23, 2013, at the Hilton Lac Leamy, Gatineau


Stan Buday, Guy Abel, Ron Hugh, Stéphane Aubry, Pierre Touchette, Robert Tellier, Debbie Butler, Lucille Shears, Marc Sabourin, Deborah Wainwright, Marcel Journeay, Dean Corda

In attendance:



Darell Green

The president called the meeting to order at 1:00p.m.

Topics Actions
1. Opening
President of the CS Group opened up the meeting after many new amendments to the agenda.


2. Agenda
a. M/S: M. Journeay, P. Touchette
That the agenda be approved as modified, Carried


3. Review and Approval of Previous Minutes
a. Minutes of the CS Exec, July 8 2013.
M/S: S. Aubry / R. Tellier
b. Motion to accept the minutes. Carried.


4. Review of the Officer Reports.
a. President
- S. Buday – informed us his report is on google.docs. He attended the CS Vancouver Island AGM and commented on the success that 11 members showed interest in being part of the exec.
c. Treasurer
- D. Butler – informed the group that the actual figures are correct but that she is still working with Quicken to rectify. She is currently working on 4 budgets.
- P. Touchette asked if the allocation for Sub-Group officer to attend regional meetings had made it into the 2014 budget. D. Butler confirmed it was added.

d. Bargaining

- G. Abel – Informed us that the policy grievance is back with the ERO. The negotiator does not do grievances.
- Guy also stated that we need to have our bargaining survey on the bargaining route preference done prior to the next round of negotiation.
- Andre Lortie has not yet been confirmed as our negotiator, PIPSC has postponed the decision.
- SSC is going to collect back the terminable allowance from Parks Canada CS members. PSAC is grieving for their members; we should also grieve.

MOTION: 9/10 Oct for Strategic Planning and 4/5 Oct as second choice.
M/S: P. Touchette / D. Butler

- CS Strategic planning meeting for Bargaining was agreed upon for the 9& 10th Oct.

ACTION: Organize details of this session with Catherine Gagnon.

G. Abel
f. Sub-group Officer
- P. Touchette – S. Aubry and S.Buday met the CBSA Sub-Group exec to discuss the way ahead for this group. All agreed to look into reforming Sub-groups that will be more equitably distributed in size within the Ottawa area.
- P. Touchette will be attending DFAIT AGM on 15th September and will be proposing an idea for a name change so that approx. 600 more members will be included.
MOTION: To approve Sudbury Northbay Sub-group.
M/S: P. Touchette / S. Buday

MOTION: To form Ottawa South Sub-group.
M/S: P. Touchette / D. Butler

- R. Tellier sent a form to members in Sherbrook to form a Sub-Group
but has not heard back from anyone. Optics appear that they do not
want to form one.

g. Steward Officer
- L. Shears – Expressed the importance of sending out a reminder letter from the Steward Office to members to remind them to vote. Translation times and content was discussed.

- MOTION: For Steward Officer to send out communication during election time.
M/S: L. Shears / D. Wainwright
To be followed up prior to next election.

h. Membership Officer
- R. Hugh will be coordinating the CS delegates to go over resolutions prior to the PIPSG AGM.
- R. Hugh – Suggested that one of exec portfolios should be for an entertainment organizer for exec activities.
- P. Touchette – suggested we revisit each portfolio and revamp at our next Strategic planning meeting.
- S. Buday – suggested that if exec members identify tasks that they should be doing then add them to their portfolio.

k. SSC-CPC Liaison Officer
- G. Abel – No conference calls or follow-up on anything from the SSC Consultation team.
- TB has instructed SSC to collect the TA from Parks Canada CS members. PSAC grieving and we should do the same.
- R. Hugh commented that he does not understand why SSC is not communicating with us, considering that they state they are big on trust. It is time for the CS Exec to step into the SSC Consultation team to work with them to instil meaningful consultation.
- S. Buday realizes there are issues with SSC Consultation and this is why we are meeting with them tomorrow.
- G. Abel


l. Classification
- M. Sabourin - Has contacted classification and is still waiting.
m. Communication Officer
- R. Tellier has reviewed the newsletter and asked our opinions o the vacant exec positions. Specifically Bylaw 4.2.3 VP position. Discussion around the table regarding the best time to elect a VP. R. Tellier will find out from the BLPC for the way ahead and the group decided to meet with the new exec after the AGM on Saturday to discuss the way ahead for the VP election.

n. Webmaster
- S. Aubry informed us that the rally pics and video will be posted after the rally. Everything else is running smooth.

5. Miscellaneous / New Business
a) Better Together – R. Tellier suggested we table this until a new communication officer is elected. We need to establish the new communication strategy.
b) News letter – R. Tellier informed us of the timelines and process involved in creating the newsletter in time. He asked that we please respect the deadlines.
c) Out going Executive Dinner – S. Buday apologized for the last minute dinner plans due to his vacation and hectic schedule. He agreed with R. Hugh about allocating a person within the group to organize such events.
- S. Buday reminded us of past conversations of who our dinner guests should be and asked if we should formalize the policy.
- L. Shears expressed the importance of equity and that rules should be the same for all.
- R. Hugh suggested we define the event and if guests should be invited.
- Much discussion and suggestions about this topic ensued.

MOTION to accept guest for outgoing dinner and the guest will pay for their dinner.
M/S: G. Abel / R. Tellier

- G. Abel suggested that based on this motion the group will study the ruling.

6. Meeting suspended

a. President of the CS Group opened up the meeting with the main intent of this morning’s meeting is to set the agenda for the CS AGM.
b. S. Buday informed the group of an upcoming meeting he would be attending with G. Corbett, Craig Bradley and Peter Blyer (PIPSC communication section head). The intent of this meeting is to discuss the next steps in response to SSCs decision to contract out.
c. Agenda for CS AGM was finalized by the group.

8. Miscellaneous

a) D. Wainwright asked who would be taking notes for the CS AGM and it was agreed upon that R. Hugh and D. Wainwright would both take notes.
b) Discussions on the best way ahead of how, when and where we will select a member-at-large once the VP is selected.
c) Group agreed to elect a VP and member-at-large directly after the AGM with the new CS Executive members.
9. Adjournment

d) M: D.Butler. Motion to adjourn at 11:30 A.M. Carried.

Next meeting dates and activities
a. August 23, Ottawa, CS exec meeting
b. August 24, Ottawa, CS Group AGM
c. October 7-10, Ottawa, GTEC

Minutes as recorded by Deborah Wainwright, CS Group Secretary

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