2013-03-15 CS Executive Meeting

Minutes of the CS Group Executive regular meeting,Friday, March 15, 2013, at the Delta Hotel Montreal


Luc Carrière, Stan Buday, Guy Abel, Ron Hugh, Stéphane Aubry, Pierre Touchette, Robert Tellier, Debbie Butler, Lucille Shears, Marc Sabourin, Deborah Wainwright, Darell Green, Marcel Journeay

In attendance:

André Lortie, Dean Corda


The president called the meeting to order at 9:20a.m.

Topics Actions
1. Opening
a. The vice-president of the CS Group opened up the meeting, by doing a special acknowledgment for the work of our President, Luc Carrière.
b. The President, Luc Carrière depicted his current situation. As of tonight, he will be retiring from the government, and leaving the presidency of the Group. As of Monday, he will start a new career at PIPSC as the new mobilizer.

2. Agenda
a. M/S: D.Butler/M.Sabourin
That the agenda be approved as modified, Carried


3. Review and Approval of Previous Minutes
a. Minutes of the CS Exec, Feb 2nd, 2013
M/S: D. Wainwright /D.Butler
Motion to accept the minutes. Carried.


4. Review of the Officer Reports.
a. L.Carrière presented his last president report. He pointed out his last visit to Sherbrooke Qc, where for years he tried to convince members to form a subgroups. Following his visit he now believes the members will create a new subgroup. -
b. S.Buday presented his activity report. He pointed out the SERLO process at HRSDC, and was quite happy that 2 members of this executive manage to succeed and keep employment.
c. D.Butler
- Motion to approve to cover the overage of expenses of the president.
M/S: D.Butler/S.Buday, carried

- L.Carriere explained the recent action of the board of director in regard to the management of the finances of the Institute. Based on the fact that the PIPSC AGM approved a budget that might lead toward a deficit, they now try to cut every possible corner to save money. Some of those cuts don’t looks logical, and reduce services to the members.
- R.Tellier added some information on the current financial situation of the Institute, and the direction the approved Budget from the AGM will push us toward.
- Motion that the CS Group President write to the Institute and/or the AC, to address the problems, prejudices and express our dissatisfaction caused by the recent policy changes related to the management of PIPSC expenses.
M/S:P.Touchette/G.Abel unanimously carried


- Motion that we report as inventory all the equipment of capital value we have purchased as back as November 2011.
We will develop a policy, and include it in our regulation, on managing CS Group equipment, inventory and disposal.
M/S: G.Abel/R.Tellier, carried

ByLaw officer
- D.Green raised some concerns about missed possible rebate for travelling to meetings. Part of the issue is due to delays cause by PIPSC management of travels, or by BCD. Any formal issues should be addressed to Catherine Gagnon.
- The group have a good budget allocation, and we need to use it wisely. Executives are requested to make recommendations to the treasurer, for modification projects and means to use it to support our members.


d. Bargaining
- The MOU with Shared services may be officially signed in the next week.
- G.Abel sent his budget request for the coming round of bargaining. He is a bit concerned on the approval process of the finance committee.

- Tomorrow meeting will be on reconstructing the NOC/ROC, as we do our post-mortem by deconstructing the previous round.
f. Steward officer
- L.Shears raised some problems in communications with PIPSC, following some changes of employees supporting the membership.
- In closed session, we discussed the application and renewal of members to become stewards.



- Motion to investigate on the application of a member to become a steward and defer the decision. This member had issues in the past, and we had some concerns on him becoming a steward.
M/S: R.Tellier/D.Green, carried

- The steward officer should do a follow-up on some discrepancy in the list of stewards provided by PIPSC, and comparing to the content of the website.
g. Consultation officer
- D. Wainwright briefly presented the situation in the 18 departments with which she was in contact with. Discussions evolved on the reporting structure of consultation teams.
- D. Wainwright brought the question of what does the CS Group thing about functional review. We were not able to provide a good answer to that, but we considered that the consultation should be able to address those concerns.


h. Subgroup officer
- At the request of the remaining executive, motion to dissolve the CBSA NCR Subgroup.
M/S:P.Touchette/L.Carriere, carried
- Motion to approve the creation of a new subgroup covering Ottawa west.
M/S: P.Touchette/S.Aubry, carried
- Motion to provide up to $xxx to cover the cost for meals for the St-Johns NFLD AGM.
M/S: P.Touchette/D.Wainwright, carried


i. SSC liaison officer
- For employees transferred from agencies, the employer decided to use the work description of these employees as of November 2011 and evaluate them against the CS classification. Most were adequate, but the classification for a group of employees came back lower, so there is a question of salary protection for them.
- A call for a president of the SSC consultation is currently going on, since the departure of the previous president.


j. Classification/ORO
- L.Carriere and G.Abel attended a teleconference in which they discussed the Group definition with TB. We expect that at the next meeting in April, they will come back with a reviewed document, based on our comments.

k. Communication officer
- The newsletter is still in production, and should be sent early next week.

l. Secretary report
- Some motions were made by the steering committee
- Motion to cover the fees of S.Buday’s attendance at the CLC event in Toronto on Saturday, March 2, 2013.
Accepted by the steering committee.
- Motion to cover for the expenses for the president to attend the CLC Political Action conference in Toronto, on March 22-24.
Accepted by the steering committee.


- Motion to cover the registration fee of the vice-president to attend the event in Toronto on March 22-24, 2013, of a cost of $xxx. Besides attending as a representative of the Group, this will be an opportunity to "tactfully" express our displeasure with the unilateral cuts to member services.
Accepted by the steering committee.
- Motion to cover the cost of the networking event on Friday night, March 15, prior to the NOC meeting, of up to $xxx.
Accepted by the steering committee.
- The secretary will make sure the list of distributions for members of the exec will be reviewed, based on new members joining the executive and the change of roles.

5. Miscellaneous / New business
a. CS Group presidency
- Luc Carrière resigned from the group, as he is now retiring from the public function, and have accepted a job for PIPSC as the new mobilizer.
- S.Buday is now the defacto president of the group. -
b. CS Group Vice-presidency
- We debated on who should be appointed to the role of vice-president for the end of the term, for the next 2 years. We proceed by multiple round of secret vote.
- Stéphane Aubry has been selected by the executive to complete the term of the Vice-president.
- Motion to destroy the ballot. Carried.

c. CS Group Open position
- In reference to the discussion we had at our last meeting, motion to fill the empty position on the CS Group National executive, by Dean Corda.
M/S: S.Buday/R.Tellier, carried
d. IT at PIPSC
- D.Butler raised some issue related to the usage of Blackberry and the Groupewise email server at PIPSC; lost emails, duplicate message.
- The VP will collect the information, and bring the issue to the Advisory Committee and to the IT user group.

e. Classification officer
- P.Touchette resigned from been the classification officer. R.Tellier proposed that M.Sabourin to take over the task. M.Sabourin accepted.
f. Subgroup president meeting
- A first draft of the agenda has been done. Some presentations have been also drafted. As done last year by suffield Sub-Group, we are considering having a presentation done by one of the subgroup. A folder in Google drive was created to hold all the related documents. The team will meet either tonight or tomorrow to continue to prepare the content.

g. Right to work legislation
- L.Carriere presented some information on the various attack made toward the unions, and the fact that various unions are considering joining forces in that endeavour. Interesting points were made on how to reintroduce the unions to the members, get them engaged, and be more visible.

- FTQ & CSN is organizing a mobilization on April 27. PIPSC will recommend to members in the Montreal area to participate. We could help in this organization, but it happen at the same time that we will have our Sub-Group president meeting.


h. Secretary position
- Following the appointment of S.Aubry as the Vice-Present, the portfolio of secretary in now available.
- D.Wainwright volunteered to become the secretary and join the steering committee.

i. NJC
- L.Carriere noted that in the past, he attended the NJC meeting. He consider that a great occasion to network with the other unions. We should consider having somebody for the next meetings.


6. Round table
a. D.Corda raised the point that a succession planning might be a good thing to consider.
b. All the exec thanked Luc Carrière for all his work and dedication, for the years that he was a steward and a part of the CS Group executive.

7. Next meetings dates and activities
a. March 16, NOC/ROC meeting & post-mortem
b. April 26, 2013, Vancouver, CS Exec meeting
c. April 27, 2013, Vancouver, CS Sub-Groups president meeting
d. May 22-24, Ottawa, Association of Public Sector Information Professionals (DPI)
e. June 14, Ottawa, CS exec meeting
f. August 23, Ottawa, CS exec meeting
g. August 24, Ottawa, CS Group AGM
h. October 7-10, Ottawa, GTEC All officers

8. Adjournment
- M: D.Butler
Motion to adjourn at 16:20 P.M. Carried

Minutes as recorded by Stephane Aubry, CS Group Secretary

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