2013-07-08 CS Executive Meeting

Minutes of the CS Group Executive regular meeting,Monday July 8, 2013, at PIPSC office, Ottawa


Stan Buday, Guy Abel, Ron Hugh, Stéphane Aubry, Pierre Touchette, Robert Tellier, Debbie Butler, Lucille Shears, Marc Sabourin, Deborah Wainwright, Marcel Journeay, Dean Corda

In attendance:

Gordon Bulmer


Darell Green

The president called the meeting to order at 9:00a.m.

Topics Actions
1. Opening
a. President of the CS Group opened up the meeting.


2. Agenda
a. M/S: R. Tellier, M. Journey
That the agenda be approved as modified, Carried


3. Review and Approval of Previous Minutes
a. Minutes of the CS Exec, April 26 2013
M/S: D. Butler, M. Sabourin
b. Motion to accept the minutes. Carried.


4. Review of the Officer Reports.
a. President
S. Buday - provided a verbal report indicating the importance of
working with other groups.
- R. Tellier stated the importance of the CS Exec getting involved with Sub-Group By-law changes. This should be discussed at the next AC as per 10.2.2 in the Institute constitution.
b. Vice President
S. Aubry - presented his report. He attended the Better
Together training and has encouraged members to send pictures on Twitter
which had an impact on the PIPSC Facebook page by dramatically
increasing the use.

c. Treasurer
D. Butler - provided a copy of her report.

d. Bargaining
G. Abel - expressed the importance of working with other groups. Bargaining is now about the Public Service, no longer just the CS group i.e. Erosion of Sick Leave. A strategy needs to be developed to see what the members want.
- S. Buday suggested a bargaining conference prior to an executive meeting. Proposal at the table to bring all bargaining groups together.
- R. Tellier spoke about what the bargaining survey should entail and the need to work with other unions.
- S. Aubry suggested dynamic Facebook publications by working with PIPSC communications.
- P. Touchette suggested the need to team up with PSAC and have regular communication to deal with TB. Group autonomy no longer works under this government.
- S. Buday suggested both the pros and cons of arbitration and the right to strike need to be told to members.
- D. Butler questioned why PIPSC was not in attendance at the NJC.

e. NOC/ROC & Mobilization
S. Buday- gave Luc Carrier credit for pushing many events during
Public Service week.
- S. Aubry expressed concern regarding the lack of events for the Better Together info provided to the CS group from PIPSC.
- S. Buday wishes to attempt to add a full day of training onto Steward Councils for mobilization training.
- R. Tellier inquired about survey prep timelines.
f. Sub-group Officer
P. Touchette - provided background regarding theinternal conflict
resulting in the dissolution of the CSBA Sub-group.
- The Exec agreed with the dissolution and decided to wait until August to inform this Sub-group of our decision.

g. Steward Officer
L. Shears – Nothing to report

h. Membership Officer
R. Hugh – Received a box of contracts.

i. Sub-group President meeting
- P. Touchette, S. Buday and S. Aubry

j. Consultation
D. Wainwright – Asked how the group wants to proceed with the
gathered info.
- S. Buday suggested that common issues be found and that the CS Group as a whole to discuss what issues can be dealt with.
- ACTION ITEM – Review Consultation doc on Google.docs


k. SSC-CPC Liaison Officer
G. Abel - informed us that the Consultation team was not informed prior
to the announcement of the engineering and implementation of email.
PIPSC asked to use the ASD article in the CA. PIPSC felt it was a
political decision therefore PIPSC president posted a letter.
- R. Tellier informed us that the Help Desk in DND is being affected.
- R. Hugh emphasized the importance of fighting back.
- D. Butler spoke about members concerns about the impact on BBs.
- S. Buday informed us of the need to get concrete facts and inform the members the negative aspects of contracting out. Specific concrete action needs to occur and by the PIPSC AGM.
- S. Aubry wants to inform members on how to react.
- P. Touchette feels that SSC’s objective is to WFA CS members on BBs and email and that the future of CS members will no longer exist. This government does not want a PS.
- S. Buday suggested that members need to be educated about the impact and fight back.
- R. Tellier wants the Better Together campaign utilized to include CS members because 20% of PIPSC are CS members. We can put our money towards the initiative for all members. We could do desk drops.
- R. Hugh informed us that Bell has people work for them for free because the tax payers actually pay them; the patriot act in the US is key.


l. Classification
M. Sabourin - has put a small group of core stewards together to review
ORO job description IT generics.

m. Communication Officer
R. Tellier – Informed us that the members at NRCan Sherbrook have
responded to create an Eastern Township Sub-group.

n. PIPSC Finance Committee Report
- G. Abel


 Guest Speaker Gord Bulmer provided a handout and update on the WFA Alternation database. Two opting fairs were held for those wanting out and those wanting to staff. Twelve alternations have been found. Gord was asked if this could be hosted on our CS site and R. Tellier asked Gord to write an article for the CS newsletter. Gord offered to help with regional fairs if they are to go ahead.

Miscellaneous / New Business
a) CS AGM – S. Buday discussed and asked for input regarding the Network planning. Motion from Stephan to provide a speaker from the agreed upon list in the following order:
1) Alexandrey Boulerice, MP
2) Magalie Picard
3) Larry Rousseau
4) Hassan Youssef
5) Ken Lewenza, CAW National President

It was decided that Barry Young would chair the meeting and that a letter would go out to him.
A delegate replacement strategy was discussed.
S. Buday suggestion a citation and the Martine Leveille award go to Luc Carrier to recognize his contribution. The executive agreed and the criteria will be reviewed.

b) M. Journeay provided a resolution on the policy on constituent body finances. G. Abel will bring this to the finance committee. The CS will sponsor this resolution to the PIPSC AGM. In the meantime we will seek other ways to affect change.

c) D. Butler presented motion from Glenn Maxwell regarding Information technology services and project committee of the board. The Exec suggested an amended version be sent back to Glen.

d) D. Corda had a hospitality co-host request from Ray Lazero for $xxx. A motion for $xx normally spent on hospitality for stewards at regional events will be allocated to the AFS group for the Atlantic. AFS group must provide receipts. M/S: D. Corda, S. Buday
Motion Carried.
e) D. Butler – Luc’s Laptop was discussed among the group and all felt he deserved to keep it, given all the great work he did for the group. Motion for Luc Carrier to keep his laptop. M/S: P. Touchette, D Wainwright Motion Carried.
f) S. Buday suggested a committee be formed to deal with disposal of assets. Exec agreed to bring forward at next meeting.
g) M. Sabourin presented application for Sudbury North Bay Sub-Group. Exec approved the application for the creation of this sub-group.
h) R. Tellier and G. Abel discussed the possibility of a Policy grievance versus individual grievances for the lack of hardcopy CAs. The idea of individual grievances will be in the newsletter and one posted on the CS site for members to sign and present to their supervisors and regional office. Legal needs to verify if both can occur simultaneously. Motion that we recommend to members that did not receive a paper copy of the collective agreement, to fill the grievance form and give it to their supervisor. We will provide a pre-filled grievance from our website. M/S S. Aubry/R. Tellier, Carried.
i) D. Wainwright agreed to defer CBSA consultation until next meeting given it was 5:20 pm

G. Abel
S. Buday

S. Buday

S. Buday

Round Table
R. Tellier reminded us to provide topics for the newsletter.
M. Sabourin reminded us the election starts next week.

P. Touchette wished everyone luck on the election.
L. Shears reminded everyone about the PIPSC data centre.
D. Butler asked who was responsible for sending resolutions. S. Aubry will send them in. S. Aubrey\

Next meeting dates and activities
a. August 22, Ottawa, 1:00 pm meeting
b. August 23, Ottawa, CS exec meeting
c. August 24, Ottawa, CS Group AGM
d. October 7-10, Ottawa, GTEC


Minutes as recorded by Deborah Wainwright, CS Group Secretary

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