2013-02-02 CS Executive Meeting

Minutes of the CS Group Executive regular meeting,Saturday, February 2nd, 2013, at PIPSC office, Ottawa


Luc Carrière, Stan Buday, Guy Abel, Ron Hugh, Stéphane Aubry, Pierre Touchette, Robert Tellier, Debbie Butler, Lucille Shears,Marc Sabourin

In attendance:

André Lortie, Brian Thompson


Deborah Wainwright, Darell Green

The president called the meeting to order at 9:20a.m.

Topics Actions
1. Opening
a. The president opened up the meeting.

2. Agenda
a. M/S: R.Tellier / D.Butler
That the agenda be approved as modified, Carried

3. Review and Approval of Previous Minutes
a. Minutes of the CS Exec, dec 14, 2012
M/S: R.Tellier / P.Touchette
Motion to accept the minutes. Carried.

4. Review of the Officer Reports. 

a. L.Carrière reported on his activities since the last meeting. He attended a good mix of meetings, lunch & learns, and consultations in regards to the affairs of the CS Group.
b. S.Buday spoke about his activities.
A presentation from PIPSC is currently going around making recommendations on how to deal with the Severance compensation. Concerned were raised on the implication of PIPSC on that topic, versus just referring them to financial advisors.
c. We are still waiting for the collective agreement to be produced by TBS. As per the agreements, TBS have to provide it within 120 days of the signing.
d. NOC/ROC; we are planning to organize some activities for the coming months, to wrap-up the last round, and start the planning for the next round.
e. P.Touchette is looking on means to support small sub-groups.
Concerns were raised on the numbers of members that will move with HRSDC and SSC in the new buildings in Gatineau, and how to support them with the current subgroups in the area.
P.Touchette wants to organize the AGM of the St-Johns NFL sub-group.

f. R.Hugh will start to work on the CS Group AGM, especially on the invitation and call for election. R.Tellier and S.Aubry have information on that topic to help.
g. The concept of having an SSC liaison officer from the CS Group has not been fully accepted by the SSC consultation team, but they are still working on their term of references. On our side we still have to work on the portfolio of that role. The CS Group executive appointed G.Abel as the SSC liaison officer.

h. A team of PIPSC staff and CS stewards was created to work on the new Classification revision, working in consultation with Treasury Board. A lot of emotional debates on how this whole process should be done was raised.
i. We discussed on the content of the coming CS Group newsletter. Last day to submit articles for Newsletter is Feb 14, 2013.
j. S.Aubry presented some information and data on the usage of the web site. No data is available from the various facebook pages, as we don’t have organization account to manage them.

5. Miscellaneous / New business
a. Sub-Group president meeting
- P.Touchette will organize a conference call with all the regional reps, to help in the planning of the meeting. He will take the occasion to visit various sites.
- A couple of topics are plan for the agenda, including bargaining (30min) and NOC-ROC (60min). G.Abel, S.Buday
b. MOUs from the Bargaining agreement
- The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on contracting out has been signed. We are still working on signing the MOU with Shared Services Canada.
- We debated again about the contracting out articles in our collective agreement, how it applies and how to react to it.
c. Group budget
- We discussed some demands of funding that was presented by executive members in support of their activities.
- For group equipments, G.Abel made a recommendation on how to manage assets. Currently the group is buying equipments for some portfolio, and after the term of the members, we are stuck with it. G.Abel proposed that members could buy equipments, and the group would compensate for its usage. Defer to another meeting.
- In support of the CS SubGroup officier, it would make sense that the officer had more occasions to meet the stewards and the executive of the various subgroups, by having a travel budget to be able to attend the 6 regional steward councils.

d. CS Group executive member replacement
- We debated on how to proceed for the replacement of one of our executive member who had to resign, following a decision made at the PIPSC AGM.
- After debating and voting, Marcel Journeay was selected to join the national CS Group executive.
- M/S: P.Touchette/D.Butler
Motion to delete the voting ballot. Carried.
- Election committee for the next Group election will be chaired by M.Sabourin, assisted with S.Aubry and R.Hugh.
- A discussion was held by the exec for the replacement of a potential opening on the national exec. We decided by concensus that Dean Corda would be the next potential candidate.

e. Promotional items
- We are currently running low on items identified with the CS Group logo. P.Touchette will look for suggestions and quotes.

6. Round table
a. R.Hugh described a situation at HRSDC where members can use a system called LINKS on a voluntary basis. This is supported by upper management. But some managers are using this system as a monitoring tool, and require employees to use it and update their status based on their activities. They even go further, and intimidated them, as it could influence the SERLO process of those employees. This is outrageous and should be seen as bullying.

7. Next meetings dates and activities
a. Feb 14, 2013, Last day to submit article for Newsletter
b. March 15, 2013, Newsletter coming out
c. March 15, NOC/ROC post-mortem, TBC
d. March 16, CS exec meeting, TBC
e. April 26, 2013, Vancouver, CS Exec meeting
f. April 27, 2013, Vancouver, CS Sub-Groups president meeting
g. June 14, Ottawa, CS exec meeting
h. August 23, Ottawa, CS exec meeting
i. August 24, Ottawa, CS Group AGM All officers

8. Adjournment
- M/S: D.Butler
Motion to adjourn at 16:20 P.M. Carried


Minutes as recorded by Stéphane Aubry, CS Group Secretary

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