2012-12-14 CS Executive Meeting

Minutes of the CS Group Executive regular meeting, Friday November 15, 2012, at the Delta hotel, Ottawa


Luc Carrière, Stan Buday, Guy Abel, Ron Hugh, Stéphane Aubry, Pierre Touchette, Deborah Wainwright, Darell Green, Robert Tellier, Debbie Butler, Brian Thompson, Marc Sabourin, Marc Sabourin

In attendance:

André Lortie, Rob Scott, Marcel Journeay, Dee Farough, Deborah Kruz


Lucille Shears

The president called the meeting to order at 9:20a.m.




a.The president opened up the meeting.




a.M/S: B.Thompson/M.Sabourin
That the agenda be approved as modified, Carried





3.Review and Approval of Previous Minutes

a.Review of the minutes of the CS Group AGM, June 9, 2012
M/S: G.Abel/S.Aubry
Motion to accept the minutes. Carried.

b.Approval of the minutes of the CS Group meetings, of October 18, and November 15.
M/S: P.Touchette/D.Butler
Motion to accept the minutes. Carried.

c.We reviewed the actions list







4.Review of the Officer Reports and Porfolios


a.L.Carrière reported on recent activities. The new PIPSC IM/IT user group will make recommendations to PIPSC on orientations and needs for services.



b.Vice president

-          S.Buday reported on workforce adjustments at HRSDC. They had a couple of WFA committee meetings, and discussed the current state of SERLO processes, affected and surplus members.

-          The discussions evolved on various stories about WFA. We noted that there is a pattern where major cuts were made and their affiliation to non-conservative ridings. Some departments and sections use the occasion of WFA to make reorganization of their sections, and changing some requirements as they proceed to SERLO and Alternation.









-          M/S: G.Abel/P.Touchette
We changed the loan of $500 made to the Ottawa east CS Subgroup in a onetime allocation, to be used for their activities in the years 2013. Carried

-          D.Butler reminded members that reimbursement for Internet at home is up to $45 per month, and for cell phone up to $65 per month, as agreed at the August meeting.







-          G.Abel reported that the CA is now signed, as of this morning. A post mortem will be produced by the bargaining team.

-          For the next round, we intent to tag along stewards councils in the regions. We consider doing a half-day or 3 hours meeting, and do workshop with the CS stewards to work on establishing bargaining demands.

-          We need to consult our membership about the path we will take on the next round of bargaining. A presentation should be made at our next Sub-Group president meeting, in preparation of a vote by all members.




Bargaining officer

e.NOC/ROC & Mobilization

-          S.Buday said that we are always in bargaining, or getting ready for the next round of bargaining.

-          We will have to review how we expect to support the bargaining effort and do mobilization in this new reality of this government. We will have to consider really working with other groups, and stop been isolated. S.Buday will present a plan at our next meeting.








f.Sub-Group officer

-          P.Touchette presented some scenarios for the reorganization of the Stats Can Ottawa CS Sub-Groups.

-          He also described how members are considering reorganizing themself in the Ottawa metro region, and some issues on the Ottawa east region.

-          R.Tellier inquires about what could be the focus of the next Sub-Group president meeting. Topics like the next round of bargaining, mobilization, activities and finances of sub-groups. Make recommendation for promo items. We might consider inviting VP D.Daviau, and AFS CS rep and Regional director P.Skinner.

-          M/S: G.Abel/P.Touchette
To have a budget of up to $3000 for promo items at the Sub-Group President meeting. Carried
M/S: G.Abel/M.Sabourin
To invite VP D.Daviau, an AFS CS rep to our meeting. To invite the Regional director P.Skinner, and the 2 regional director to attend the Friday dinner at our Sub-Group President meeting. Carried








g.Consultation Officer

-          D.Wainwrite have been in contact with most of the department consultation president. She is still collecting information and issues.

-          Issues were raised about CSBA CS dotation problems. This issue should be raised at the PIPSC Working Group on Consultation.





h.SSC-SPC Liaison Officer

-          SSC is still working on doing skills inventory, and developing training packages.

-          Jobs descriptions will eventually all be reviewed and matched against ORO work descriptions. About 2.3% of transferred employees from Agencies will have a lower pay level as a result of the transfer, but they will be red-circled for salary protection.





i.Communication officer

-          R.Tellier presented the Newsletter process that he follows for the creation of a newsletter. Basically he keep track of all the steps by using a spreadsheet.

-          We are considering a newsletter in mid-march, with topics like severance, back pay, president election,







5.Miscellaneous / New business


a.Bylaws and Regulations


-          We discussed on the structure of the bylaw and regulations. We questioned on the consistency, and the evolution of the role of each portfolio


b.PIPSC Elections


-          The results were published recently. It is the first time the CS Group membership participation is higher than the AFS group.





-          We discussed the effect of the ‘Board of director vs Executive’ motions, and the face that a few elected members were involved in now conflicting positions, and will have to resign from one of those positions.

-          There were also some changes made to the banquet on Friday night, compare to the organization of previous years. Better communication between PIPSC and the group should have been done, so groups could contribute to the event where PIPSC did not plan. A message will be written by G.Abel, and L.Carriere will present-it to the proper PIPSC authorities.




d.Group allocation


-          We were informed that the Board of director reviewed how PIPSC could save money and expenses. A decision was made that constituent bodies, including the CS Group, will only be allowed to keep up to 1.5  time of their allocation in their bank account, down from two times.

-          L.Carriere remembered that for portfolio officers, if you consider requiring additional financial support, we might make a project budget request that may be considered separately from the group allocation.






6.Round table


a.D.Green recommends that the committee work on the Paid president file.




7.Next meetings dates and activities


a.Feb 1st, Ottawa, CS Bargaining post-mortem

b.Feb 2nd, Ottawa, CS Exec meeting

c.Feb 14, 2013, Last day to submit article for Newsletter

d.March 15, 2013, Newsletter coming out

e.April 26, 2013, Vancouver, CSmeeting

f.April 27, 2013, Vancouver, CS Sub-Groups president meeting

g.August 23, Ottawa, CS exec meeting

h.August 24, Ottawa, CS Group AGM

All officers



-          M/S: B.Thompson/R.Tellier
Motion to adjourn at 17:00 P.M. Carried




Minutes as recorded by Stéphane Aubry, CS Group Secretary

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