2012-11-15 CS Executive Meeting

Minutes of the CS Group Executive regular meeting, Friday November 15, 2012, at the Delta hotel, Ottawa


Luc Carrière, Stan Buday, Guy Abel, Ron Hugh, Stéphane Aubry, Pierre Touchette, Deborah Wainwright, Darell Green, Robert Tellier, Lucille Shears, Debbie Butler, Brian Thompson, Marc Sabourin

In attendance:

André Lortie


The president called the meeting to order at 9:10a.m.



1. Opening
a. The president opened up the meeting.
2. Agenda
a. M/S: D.Wainwrite / R.Tellier
That the agenda be approved as modified, Carried
3. Review and Approval of Previous Minutes
a. Minutes of the CS Exec, June 8, 2012
Members didn’t got the time to review the minutes, so tabled to be approved at next meeting
b. Minutes of the CS Group AGM will be reviewed at next meeting.
c. We reviewed the list of actions deriving from previous meetings.
4. Portfolio
a. President
L.Carriere presented his 2 reports of activities that were submitted earlier.
b. Vice-President
S.Buday spoke about his recent activities.
c. Treasurer
We reviewed the CS Group budget. No outstanding topics.
d. Bargaining
G.Abel presented the results of the vote of our tentative agreement. We noted that in some department the participation was low, while in others where we had a lot of lunch & learn/info-session the participation was high.
We debated on the question of publishing the numbers or not, for a long period of time. The main concerns and arguments were about the impact for the next rounds, about our bargaining strategy, versus transparency with the members.
We agreed that we won’t qualify or quantify the result of the vote, and will limit our answers to ‘was ratified by a majority’ and refer to approved message.
e. M/S: R.Tellier/S.Aubry
Motion: That we use the proposed message from R.Tellier about the results. This message contains details numbers about the participation, and general results about the vote. Carried


All exec

All exec
f. NOC/ROC & Mobilization
S.Aubry & S.Buday reported on the mobilization activities in support of the bargaining round.
Since the Tentative agreement, members of the CS Group executive have provided over 120 occasions for members to be informed about the TA, reaching over 3500 members across canada. Those sessions were held in the form of Lunch & Learn, info-sessions, coffee break, site visits and webinars. A facebook page was also used to reach another 1000 members, where members had the occasion to ask personal questions, and directly receive replies from members of the CS Group executive and other CS members and stewards.
The CS Group will present a motion at the PIPSC AGM to require PIPSC to make sure to have 2 mobilizers to support the groups as they go thru their bargaining round. As we experimented with the current government, and the way we were treated at the bargaining table, times have changes, and we need to change our ways to confront the employer. We feed our union need to be more strong and mobilized.
g. Sub-Group officer
P.Touchette talked about the reorganization of subgroups in Ottawa. Concerns about the StatsCan subgroup in Tunney’s pasture, and the structure of PIPSC in regards to Groups-SubGroups. R.Tellier recommends that at our next meeting we review the situation and take a strong position on this if required.

All exec
h. Steward Officer
We discussed the renewals of some stewards, and their involvement in the union movements. Some stewards will need to be investigated.
i. Membership Officier
R.Hugh will host the pre-PIPSC AGM meeting with CS delegated to present the CS Group orientation on the motions.
Membership officer
j. Consultation Officer
D.Wainwrite presented the highlight of the Working Group on consultation (WGC). She managed to contact most of the Consultation team president, and started gathering the concerns relevant to the CS Group.
k. SSC-SPC Liaison Officer
Discussions on the role of this portfolio deferred to next meeting.
l. Classification/ORO
M/S: R.Tellier/L.Carriere
Whereas SSC is a new department created by the government in 2011;
Whereas ORO is a TBS initiative created in early 2000;
Whereas The CS Group is actively involved with this TBS initiative since the beginning for all departments;
Whereas SSC should be considered as any other department;
Therefore, be it resolved that the CS Group executive continue the practice of appointing the lead to any ORO committee. Carried as agreed by the members present.
CS Group President
m. Communication officer
We are still planning to publish a newsletter for Dec 17. R.Tellier is specially looking for articles from the president, the bargaining officier, and the NOC-ROC chair, and about SSC.
All exec
S.Aubry reported on the GTEC 2012 that took place Nov 6&7 in Ottawa. Over 500 visitors came to the CS Group Boot over the 2 days event. The stats provided indicate that most visitors are employee of Shared Services (23%), then from DND (13%) and CRA (12%). Most questions were about the result of the Collective agreement ratification vote, and about the compensation against the removal of the Severance pay for voluntary departure.
5. Paid president
a. There is a lot of work to be made on this file. Considering that a motion will be presented on this topic at the coming PIPSC AGM, R.Tellier recommended that we wait after the AGM to continue to work on this file Committee members
6. Miscellaneous / New business
A meeting will be held tonight with all the CS delegates. They will be provided with promotional items for their members. D.Butler will manage the amount used for the hospitality for the AGM, at tonight CS meeting, Friday Banquet, and Saturday NOC meeting.
b. CS Group AGM
Our AGM will be August 24, in Ottawa.
c. SubGroups
We discussed the creation of new subgroups; one in Shawinigan-Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean, and one for Mauricie. Some subgroups will be reorganized, and some their names and bylaw will be reviewed to include SSC members.
Every regional Sub-Group officer should look at the numbers of represented members by the subgroups, and compare with the actual numbers of members in their area. Look at what could be done for the non-represented members.
SubGroup officers
d. SubGroup president meeting
Sub-Group meeting will be on April 27, 2013. A message will need to be prepared to warn the president to plan for it, and designate an alternate if not attending.
e. WFA CS Group Alternations
A pilot exercise was made to identify CS volunteers in NCR, and try to match them with surplus/opting members. This initiative was a limited success, and will need to be continued as other members are subject to WFA for the coming years.
f. Admin support & negotiator
We have a motion at the AGM about admin support. PIPSC has informed us that the group will have to pay for staff overtime when doing meeting during the weekends. We are now considering doing our meeting during the week days.
7. Round table
a. No points -
8. Next meetings dates and activities
a. Nov 16-17 , Ottawa, PIPSC AGM
b. Dec 13 or 14 TBC, Ottawa, CS Exec meeting
c. Feb 1st TBC, Ottawa, CS Exec meeting
d. April 26, 2013, Vancouver, CS Exec meeting
e. April 27, 2013, Vancouver, CS Sub-Groups president meeting
f. August 23, Ottawa, CS exec meeting
g. August 24, Ottawa, CS Group AGM
All officers
9. Adjournment
- M: D.Wainwright
Motion to adjourn at 16:40 P.M. Carried

Minutes as recorded by Stéphane Aubry, CS Group Secretary

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