2012-08-28 CS Executive Meeting

Minutes of the CS Group Executive regular meeting, Friday August 28, 2012, at the Delta hotel, London On


Luc Carrière, Stan Buday, Guy Abel, Ron Hugh, Stéphane Aubry, Pierre Touchette, Deborah Wainwright, Darell Green, Robert Tellier, Lucille Shears, Debbie Butler, Brian Thompson

In attendance:

André Lortie, Dean Corda


Marc Sabourin

The president called the meeting to order at 9:15a.m.



1. Opening
a. The president opened up the meeting.
2. Agenda
a. M/S: P.Touchette / D.Butler
That the agenda be approved as modified, Carried
3. Review and Approval of Previous Minutes
a. Minutes of the CS Exec, June 8, 2012
M/S: B.Thompson/D.Wainwright
Motion to accept the minutes. Carried.
b. Minutes of the CS Group AGM will be reviewed at next meeting.
4. Bargaining/Negotiations
a. G.Abel presented the schedule for the ratification vote of the Tentative agreement. The length of the voting period is related to the fact that some members will be receiving paper voting ballot, and it might take up to 1 week for the mail to be delivered in remote regions. The period should be from early October up to early November, subject to adjustment in regard to the voting system that will be used. We were concern about using an American system and the access to information (ie:US Patriotic act), and also about using in-house IT professionals vs contracting-out.
b. M/S: P.Touchette/B.Thompson Motion that the voting system used for the ratification vote of the CS Tentative Agreement be implemented by PIPSC informatics, and not contracted out. Carried
G.Abel will inform PIPSC / D.Daviau about this decision.
Bargaining officer
c. We discussed the wording to be used in the ratification kit.
M/S: G.Abel/B.Thompson
Motion to accept the text as proposed by the bargaining officer, without any bolding and with grammatical error corrected. Carried
M/S: S.Buday/P.Touchette
To emphasis the fact that this vote is not a strike vote, by bolding the ‘NO’ in the phrase ‘This is not a strike vote’ in the instruction letter. Carried
At the end, the ratification kit was accepted as presented after the rework and the corrections.
Bargaining officer
5. Review of the Officer Reports.
a. The various officer reports were presented. -
b. The communication officer presented the “CS Group Communications Orientation Guide”. It has been put on GoogleDocs. This document should include a section about publication processes. M/S: R.Tellier/G.Abel
Motion that all officers take the time to review the document, comment it, and propose changes by next meeting, so it could be accepted and followed. carried
c. P.Touchette informed us on the changes planned for the modification of some subgroups. With the creation of Shared Services, members are moving around, and some reorganization needs to be made.
Discussions were made on the role of the Regional Sub-Group Officers.
We are starting the planning for the Subgroup president meeting, to be help in April 2013.
d. M/S: P.Touchette/R.Tellier
Motion to send the request to PIPSC for the creation of a new subgroup in Shawinigan. carried

Subgroup officer
e. The Treasurer remembered to all exec some guideline. Claims should be presented to the treasure days before any meeting. For any request of more that one items, a formal claim using the form should be used. all
f. M/S: D.Butler/S.Buday
Motion to pay up to $XX.00 per month for personal cell phones/PDA usage. Claims and payments to be made in 2 portions, from CS AGM to end of calendar year, and from January to the CS AGM. carried
g. M/S: D.Butler/S.Buday
Motion that the CS Group provide to the members of the executive, on demand, a cell phone or a PDA with service, instead of the reimbursement of the personal cell phone/PDA service. carried
h. M/S: D.Butler/S.Buday
Motion to pay up to $XX.00 per month for home Internet connection costs. Claims and payments to be made in 2 portions, from CS AGM to end of calendar year, and from January to the CS AGM. carried
i. M/S: D.Butler/S.Buday
Motion to pay up to $XX.00 each year of the term of office to offset hardware, computer, repairs of personal equipment, upon receipts. carried
j. M/S: D.Butler/D.Wainwright
Motion for a hospitality budget of $XX.00 each year of the term of office, for executive members who do not have a specific hospitality budget (ie: the president and the vice-president). carried
k. M/S: G.Abel/L.Shears
Motion that the group reimburse members who request for the Airport Lounge, when they are in a situation of having to stay a long period of time at the airport. carried
l. M/S: G.Abel/P.Touchette
Motion to provide a Laptop to the Sub-Group officer, of a value of up to $XX.00. carried
m. M/S: D.Wainright/R.Tellier
Motion to allow the Consultation officer to attend the next Working group on consultation and Advisory Council (AC). Transport and accommodation could go to around $XX.00. Carried
n. M/S: P.Touchette/G.Abel
Motion to procure 3 instands for the regions that don’t have one. Those instands will have the same look and content as the previous ones. carried
6. NOC/ROC & Mobilization
a. S.Buday presented a brief update on the planning of activities for the 2 months to come. The intend is to provide all CS members the occasion to get information about the Tentative agreement, in the form of face to face meeting or visit, or at least a direct contact with a members of the CS Exec by virtual systems. Invitation to all members of this exec to present or organize Lunch & Learn session in your regions.
b. The list of events will be posted on the CS Group Calendar.
c. The NOC steering met, to standardize the message and the presentation, to be as neutral as possible.
NOC coordinator
7. Paid president
a. R.Tellier recommends that we restart working on the concept of having a paid president by the union. With the recent round of cuts, we realized that nobody is protected from any WFA, including the president of one of the biggest group in PIPSC. The end result will enable our group to have a president dissociated from the influence of his regular employer.
b. A committee will be put in place, composed of R.Tellier as the chair, helped with the treasurer, the president, the vice-president, and P.Touchette.
Committee members
8. Shared Services Canada
a. B.Thompson presented the recent activities happening in consultation at SSC. A lot of details on the reorganization, on the planning and conciliation of services. -
9. Miscellaneous / New business
a. CS Group AGM
- Various options were discussed, as this is an early planning, but we need to book hotels. -
b. UX Camp Ottawa
M/S: P.Touchette/S.Aubry
Motion that we enable 1 member of the exec to attend the UX Camp in October. Cost should be around $XX.00. The person should report back to this exec. carried
- As in previous years, our kiosk will be identified with our logo. We will provide visitors with product from PIPSC and from Service plus.
- S.Aubry will plan who will attend the kiosk the 2 days. All members are invited. Salary replacement will be available to members at the kiosk.
d. PIPSC AGM promotional items
- M/S: G.Abel/P.Touchette
Motion to provide promotional electronic items to the delegate of the PIPSC AGM, for a total value of $XX.00. We will provide items that delegate can bring back to their members for a value of up to $XX.00. carried
10. Round table
a. The Secretary remembered to the members of this exec that documents are available on Googles Docs.
b. In closed session we discussed the issue of some members that were confirmed to attend official meetings organized by the CS Group. Some transportation and accommodations were not even cancelled. A warning letter will be send to these members, with the cost associated with their actions, warning them of possible cost recover on next occasions.
11. Next meetings dates and activities
a. Oct 18 PM, Oct 19 AM, Halifax, CS Executive meeting / Réunion de l’exécutif du Groupe CS (beside the Atlantic steward council)
b. Nov 6-7, Ottawa,GTEC
c. Nov 15, St-John NFL, CS Executive meeting / Réunion de l’exécutif du Groupe CS (*)
d. Nov 16-17 , St-John NFL, PIPSC AGM (*)
e. April 2013, ?, CS Sub-Groups president meeting
f. August 24 TBC, Ottawa TBC, CS Group AGM
All officers
12. Adjournment
- M/S: P.Touchette
Motion to adjourn at 16:40 P.M. Carried

Minutes as recorded by Stéphane Aubry, CS Group Secretary

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