2012-06-08 CS Executive Meeting

Minutes of the CS Group Executive regular meeting, Friday June 8, 2012, at the Hilton hotel, Gatineau


Luc Carrière, Stan Buday, Guy Abel, Stéphane Aubry, Robert Tellier, Debbie Butler, Darell Green, Brian Thompson, Ron Hugh, Deborah Wainwright, Rob Scott, Lucille Shears, Pierre Touchette

In attendance:

André Lortie, Dee Farough, Deborah Cruz


The president called the meeting to order at 9:05a.m.



1. Opening
a. The president opened up the meeting.
2. Agenda
a. M/S: S.Aubry/L.Carriere
That the agenda be approved as modified, Carried
3. Review and Approval of Previous Minutes
a. Minutes of the CS Exec, April 27, 2012
M/S: B.Thompson/R.Scott
Motion to accept the minutes. Carried.
4. Bargaining/Negotiations
a. G.Abel presented the result of this week negotiation session, and the Power point presentation to be used at the AGM on June 9. All the discussions were done in closed session. -
b. The Bargaining team reached a tentative agreement over the last few days. A communication package will be produced and be made available to use in presenting this agreement to the members. It will possibly contain a presentation, speaking notes, pamphlet and will include some sort of pros and cons. Barg Officier

Comm Officer
5. Review of the Officer Reports.
a. Most of the executive reports were created for the CS Group AGM and will be presented tomorrow. Some corrections were proposed for the budget. -
b. CS Group executive Election report
R.Tellier presented the Election committee president’s report to the CS Group executive. Concerns were discussed about an incident related to a ballot.
Until the results are presented at the AGM, the discussions here were made in closed sessions.
6. NOC/ROC & Mobilization
a. S.Buday presented a brief update on the activities that happened over the last few days in support of bargaining. Members of the executive recognized the good work made by the team, specially the training package, the postcard campaign, and all the rallies of this week.
b. Now with the tentative agreements, the NOC will have to work on presenting the offer to the members across Canada.

7. Shared Services Canada
a. B.Thompson presented the recent activities happening in consultation at SSC. Some of the discussions were about future technological configuration of the services provided by SSC, and contracting out.
b. Concerns by members exist on the staffing processes at SSC and at other departments. Discussions are ongoing at consultation table.
8. Miscellaneous / New business
a. CS Group AGM
- We are ready for tomorrow.
- Motion R.Tellier/D.Butler
That a hospitality budget be available for the delegate of the AGM. Carried.
- Changed are made frequently to the delegate list, as people confirm or cancel their participation. -
c. Admin Support
- L.Carriere have request from PIPSC to have an admin support for our meetings. At first it was rejected. He will pursue the request to the next level in PIPSC, at the AC. L.Carriere
d. Financial institution
- L.Carriere was contacted by 2 organizations that provide financial advice to members. We wondered if we could pass the information to members, or refer those organizations, in light of the work force adjustment. We decided that we won’t. -
e. Maple Leaf Lounge
- Motion S.Buday/D.Wainwrite
Since L.Shears is a frequent flyer, request to reimburse the cost of the Maple Leaf Lounge for one year.
f. Public Service Week
- The group will ask all members and steward to wear black on public service week, to demonstrate our concern about the PSW.
- S.Buday will write a msg to be sent or published on our web site.
9. Round table
a. L.Carriere recognized the great work that R.Scott made over the past years, and we we all want to thank him. -
10. Next meetings dates and activities
a. Jun 9 2012, NCR, CS Group AGM \ AGA du Groupe CS
b. August 24-25 London, CS Executive retreat / Retraite de l’exécutif du Groupe CS
c. Nov 16-17 , St-John NFL, PIPSC AGM
all officer
11. Adjournment
- M/S: P.Touchette
Motion to adjourn at 15:45 P.M. Carried

Minutes as recorded by Stéphane Aubry, CS Group Secretary

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