URGENT: Potential Alternation Opportunities

Dear CS member,


Although it is the employer’s obligation to market its surplus employees to other departments, and to provide sufficient forums for addressing WFA issues such as alternation, it is our opinion that  more can be done to meet these requirements.  As a result, some of our members may be forced to leave the Public Service involuntarily, while others who wish to leave cannot do so as an "opting employee".


It is for this reason that the CS Group National Executive and stewards are working to provide an alternative to our members.  By the end of February, we will begin a manual exercise to match surplus employees with volunteers for WFA, prioritizing those employees who are nearing the end of their "opting period".


Please note that there are no guarantees that your preference can be accommodated, but we figure it’s worth a try in order to assist as many of our members as is within our power.


If you are a CS Group member who has been deemed a “surplus” employee and are seeking continuing employment in the core Public Service, OR you are a member who has not been “affected” by WFA and are interested in volunteering to become an "opting employee" under the WFA Agreement, please contact us by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


We will require the following information initially:


-       Opting Status (VOLUNTEER or SURPLUS)

For surplus employees only: End of opting period (i.e.: date)

-       Name

-       Department

-       Group and level

-       Job title

-       Job Stream (architecture, programming, testing, security, client service, network support, database, web, etc...)

-       Language proficiency (i.e.: English/French Unilingual or BBB, CBC, etc…)

  1. oFor volunteer employees only: official language profile of your position


If you are a surplus employee, please also include a copy of your resume.


If we think we may have a match, we will communicate it to you via the email address you respond from (unless you have specified otherwise).  We will also provide you with the next steps at that time.


If you have general questions related to WFA, or the alternation process, please feel free to contact any of our WFA Stewards.  You may reference a list of these stewards by department and by region at the following link:




If you have questions about this specific exercise, please contact us by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



In solidarity,


Stan Buday, On behalf of the CS Group Executive

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