Negotiations Update Policy

Negotiations Update Policy

Updates on Negotiations will be provided within 10 days from the end of a session. Why can it take that much time? Here is the process your Negotiating Team follows:

  • At the end of a session, the Team determines the overall content of the Update. One person is tasked with writing the draft.
  • That evening, the first draft goes out to all Negotiating Team members for comment.
  • Given that members are already travelling back to their homes, and that this may take them into the weekend, a certain amount of time is allowed for response.
  • A second draft is written, incorporating their responses, and again e-mailed to the Team for final comment
  • Any last-minute comments are incorporated, then the copy is mailed to our Negotiator for final review.
  • Given that updates of this nature are far too important to go out in one language only, the final copy is then sent off to translation services, with a copy to the Executive.
  • On return from translation, the Update is e-mailed to all Stewards. At the same time, it is also sent to PIPSC Web services for posting, where it takes its place in the queue.
  • We looked at the possibility of producing a very quick, very brief ‘hotshot’, however the membership has consistently expressed a desire for more complete reporting, so we chose to use this process instead.

Negotiating Team Communications Policy

  • All inquiries on negotiations sent by email, whether to PIPSC, to the Group, to Question Corner, or to individual members of the Negotiating Team, will be directed to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
  • The Negotiating Team will attempt to respond to messages within 10 working days, excepting those periods of actual negotiations (e.g. Jan 17-19, Feb 2-4, etc.).
  • Each email sent will receive at the very least an acknowledgement of the email.
  • As most questions tend to fall into categories, similar questions may be grouped and answered with a single response posted on the csgroup web site, combined with a notice of response sent directly to the questioner.
  • Questions on strategy will not be answered, as negotiating strategy is always kept confidential.
  • Questions regarding activities in support of bargaining will be redirected to the National Organizing Committee (NOC), which may post its own responses on the web site and/or circulate them to stewards.

In order to provide as much information to members as possible, the Negotiating Team has produced

  • a series of Frequently Asked Questions
  • a series of Updates as new information comes available

Thank you for your interest and support

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