Your bargaining team 2014-2016

Your bargaining team 2014-2016

bargaining team 2014-2016

  • Denise Doherty-Delorme, PIPSC Negotiator
  • Robert Tellier, CS Bargaining Officer
  • Stan Buday, CS President
  • Gordon Bulmer
  • Karim Chaggani
  • Dean Corda
  • Eva Henshaw
  • Robert Scott
  • Lucille Shears
  • Pierre Touchette
  • Marc Therrien

Bargaining Team 2010-2013

The bargaining team, a subset of the Proposals Committee, was selected in 2010 by the CS Executive. It consisted of:
csbyte equipe
André Lortie, Negotiator
Guy Abel, Bargaining officer
Luc Carrière, CS Group President
Deborah Butler,
Robert Scott, 
Brian Thompson, 
Pierre Touchette, 
Dee Farough, 
Deborah Kruz, 
Marcel Journeay
and Robert Tellier.

Bargaining Team 2014-2016

The CS Group National Executive will shortly appoint the next bargaining team.

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